The Occupy movement has blown up across the country. There’s Occupy Portland, Occupy Philly, Occupy Boston, and probably any major city you can think of. Maybe not the red states, but it’s still spreading fast. There’s even an Occupy Paw Street. Typo? I think not. People are bringing their pets to Occupy Wall Street, terrorizing their freedom more so than ever before. I guess a little collar that says “99%” has potential to be pretty cute.

What’s the newest addition to this movement? The slowest portion of the program. Dead Heads walk on over to partake in the mess. On the day of November 10, prior generation hippies will stare at their maps upside-down trying to figure out how to hop on a train and end up at Wall Street. They’ll finally have an audience to the ramblings of an age-old hippy. They will after head to the Further show at Madison Square Garden, if they don’t get too sucked into being on financial lot. I wish them luck in this adventure.

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