It’s official: there will be no Camp Bisco this year. After mounds of rumors and a perpetual game of tug-of-war between believers and skeptics, the Disco Biscuits have confirmed that the beloved festival will be taking this summer off with promises of a bright future in 2015.

Spectators have countless reasons on why the festival needs a year off. Bad press has been rising regarding the deaths and overdoses. Negative fans even believe the band has lost its love for their own festival and would rather concentrate on side-projects (Conspirator and Barber’s popumentary film Badpuss). It is clear though that the major reason has to do with ILCC which has been Camp’s home for the last 5 years. Essential requirements were not met last year, such as a complete report after the festival, as well as being packed overcapacity. 

The official statement on the Disco Biscuit’s Facebook does not go into detail:

With a lack of Camp Bisco and smaller festival The Big Up calling it quits, the Northeast festival community is going to undergo serious change this summer.

Emancipator is well known for his intimate music, so where can be better to spend Valentine’s Day in New York City? 

Although this was my mentality my expectations were not fulfilled. Considering the fact that he was playing with an ensemble, I was excited to see something magical on the stage that I have not yet experienced at an Emancipator set. Generally he only plays with a violinist, which does indeed make for a good performance, but this time he had a full band. Quite frankly I was disappointed. He should have just labeled it “live band”.

Even with this addition to the set, I heard the same music I have been hearing for the last five years whenever I have seen Emancipator. The music was wonderful, nobody can argue that. But the act is getting stale. As an artist with such talent it sure is a shame that nothing new has come from these last few years. The show was enjoyable, just disappointing. I doubt I will be rushing to his sets this festival season.

Which phan are you?

It’s no secret that Disco Biscuits fans often complain that the band has been off their game after 2009. From Barber’s infamous (alleged) cheesesteak addiction to Brownie favoring side projects, fans have been creating a wide array of excuses for the band’s lack of monumental moments for the past three years. Well, the time has finally come to be proud to be a Bisco kid.


Proving their dedication by doing an in-studio Sirius XM Jam On session, playing shows monthly, and being added to festivals, it’s hard to not call this a comeback. The New Years run thus far has shown elements that have long been only a memory. Experimental riffs, band chemistry, and genuine energy have been in full force. Passion leads to greatness, and the best is yet to come.

They might have been here for years, but the show is just getting started. The boys are back.

The Disco Biscuits posted the first ever Camp Bisco flyer and I could not resist sharing it. Our beloved festival has come a long way since.


The second flyer is not much of an upgrade.

My question is, why is Camp Bisco no longer an “All-Star Loonfest”?

No, this is no parody of Lady Gaga. Apparently the artist is going to be the first to perform in space.

She will be blasting off from Zero G Colony high-tech music festival and performing in zero gravity in 2015. In order to prepare herself she will undergoing special vocal training to get her lungs accustomed to the bizarre environment. The festival is claiming to be full of advanced technology to create a galactic experience. Although there is not much more information on the topic, we still have to wait two years until the event, so there is plenty of time for details to unveil.

If this is the future of music, I cannot say I’m too excited. We may be pushing the envelope too far too quickly. But at the end of the day I must admit lazers in space would be cool so I can’t complain. One day this will be the norm, perhaps a day sooner than we expected.

Recently I have not been able to rip myself away from psydub. Some aspect of the genre feels comforting. I have unknowingly become infatuated with this genre before, but now that I pinpointed it I can finally explore its depth. Other psy categories are enjoyable as well (psytrance, psystep, etc) but psydub holds comfort due to its downtempo nature. With middle eastern influences and reggae beats it’s hard to go wrong. Here are a few artists you should start yourself off with in case you are new to the genre:


Brujo’s Bowl (meditative relaxation dub)

Andrelein/Heyoka (glitchy psydub)

In this day and age the conglomerates of music genres make it nearly impossible to make out the origins of style. Genres are given multiple adjectives (i.e. acid funk trap house) giving us too much information resulting in a confusion that parallels that of too little information. Technology and globalization are beautiful in the fact that we are able to blend these styles and come up with new ones. But you can’t go too far without knowing the history of it all.

I found a quick guide to explain it all.

The map seemingly shows a mess of arrows and genre titles but with a closer look it is quite helpful. When you press play, the map goes through a brief timeline, starting in the 1800s, of musical genres.

What you see above is the interactive map at the present. Go have a look and see how your favorite genre began.

A new collaboration group is quickly rising to the top of the scene, making appearances at festivals all over the Northeast. Schlang is the musical lovechild of Supersillyus and Space Jesus. The combination of forces results in a super heady experience. Priding themselves in their trippy nature, Schlang uses their psydub influence to infiltrate the scene. If you like acts such as OTT and Shpongle, I would highly recommend these guys. Keeping it intelligent while dance-y is what makes their act so enjoyable.

See for yourself via their soundcloud. This track, amongst others, depicts their style. Enjoy.

And remember, they’re schlang, you’re schlang, we’re all schlang.

Of all festivals I have had the glory of attending, this has been the best to date. The vibes were impeccable, the music was great, and the artwork was refreshingly beautiful. Although I wish I could go through every second of the weekend, I will gladly tell of some noteworthy highlights.

EOTO started the party off right, playing the sunset set on the first day. It’s always incredible seeing these middle-aged dudes switch their style up from String Cheese’s blues to tasteful live wobble. Wobblesauce followed on a smaller stage, ripping it up with melodic jam without even having a guitarist.

Schlang created a trippy experience on the second day, somehow even in broad daylight. Come nighttime, legend Zach Deputy rocked the stage. Coming from the man himself, “They told me my set would be 45 minutes, I didn’t know they meant four hours.” Ghostface Killah was so late to his set that Zach had to play from 7 to 11. He kept a happy face and even alluded to Wu Tang. Emancipator blew the audience away on a side stage with his soothing talent.

Saturday is always the biggest party of any festival and Robokop and Turkuaz proved this to be true.

Aside from all the acts, the festival had plenty of perks. The actual land is charming, with visible mountain ranges and grazing cows that come close to lot. People came to enjoy one another rather than the contrary. Overall, the weekend was a memorable one.